Here Is The Bitcoin (BTC) Scammer List 2021

Bitcoin Scammer List

As the value of bitcoin continues to reach new peaks, the rate of scams occurring every day has increased drastically. People who dream of earning significant profits by investing in bitcoin are often left to regret their choices. Although bitcoin offers great value, a single bitcoin is equivalent to 57,142.80 United States Dollars. Still, somehow scammers manage to tempt people to earn more profits, and in the end, bitcoin investors have to suffer huge financial losses.

Scammers are clever, they find new ways to trick people, and unluckily people fall into their trap. Here we are mentioning the most common bitcoin scammer list.

  • Social Media Con Artists

Scammers often present their exciting offers to make money over the bitcoin investment and trading accounts. They fake the profit index over bitcoin investments or offer to win free bitcoins. Once investors join them, these scammers vanish after looting the bitcoins.

  • DeFi Rug Pulls

The DeFi companies are based on blockchain, and they are usually secure. Cryptocurrencies are built on this secure technology where each transaction has proof. Scammers have coined the way to scam using DeFi by locking an investor’s bitcoin into a network that minimizes or risks the profit outcome to the investor.

  • NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Scams

Your favorite NFTs can cause you significant financial losses. As NFTs grow in value, they are the new hit target of scammers. These scammers can either hijack NFTs account or sell trader’s a fake NFT leading them to suffer huge financial losses.

  • ALT Coin Pumps and Dumps

ALT coins are cryptocurrencies whose value drastically changes in a short time. Investors invest in ALT Coins in their season of dumps, and when the price rises, investors try to sell them for earning profits. Scammers are active during the pump seasons and push people into fraud by running away with ALT Coins.

  • Viruses and Malware

It is similar to computers’ traditional viruses and malware where scammers peep into investors’ crypto wallets through scams. They transfer all the bitcoins from the investor’s account to the account of their choice and cause them irreversible damage.

End Note

Scammers find new ways to scam people, especially bitcoin holders, due to its immense value. It causes a setback for the investor and leaves them empty-handed. One should take appropriate measures to avoid these scams, but if you fall into such a trap, companies like Claim Justice are there to help you recover your lost bitcoin.

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