Online Fraud Variants Can Be Surprisingly Specific

You might be surprised to learn that there are many forms of online fraud which target specific communities and professions with tailor-made messages designed to trick them out of their money.

Beware Cryptocurrency Scams in the Wake of BTC’s Rise

Renewed interest in crypto markets is sure to inspire cryptocurrency scams to seek new victims who want to try their hand at trading bitcoin and other digital assets.

What Forex Scam Artists Don’t Want You to Know

How much do you know about the foreign exchange market? Chances are, not much. Most of us only think about the value of other countries’ currency when we’re planning a vacation or making a purchase from a foreign ecommerce site. Forex scam artists take advantage of this understandable ignorance in order to sell you an […]

How to Get a Refund from a Scam Website in 2021

Fraudulent sites take a number of forms: ecommerce, dating, forex brokerages, and more. Whatever face they wear, they all exist to take your money and give you nothing in return.

Don’t Give Your Money to Scam Artists Offering COVID Cures

There is no situation a scam artist won’t try to exploit in order to make money. The current coronavirus pandemic is no different.

Online Scam Targets Would-Be Pet Adopters

While one might expect to pay a few hundred or a thousand dollars for a pet, depending on the breed and pedigree, scammers can find ways to get even more money out of would-be adopters.

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