Carbon Credit Trading

You probably think landing in the middle of a carbon credit trading fraud will never happen to you. But anyone can fall victim to a scam. When it happens, there are three types of people: the ones who fight back, the ones who give up, and the ones that don’t know what to do.

How did I fall for this scam?

This is an easy scam to fall victim to. To protect yourself, you must know how the scam works. 

Usually, you get a call from a “potential investor.” They talk about carbon credit trading and how popular it’s getting. They convince you to act before it’s too late. They used high-pressure tactics to get you to invest without even researching it. 

After some time passes, you realize there’s no profit going into your account. You try to call, message, and email, all with no answer. You now understand you have been scammed. The thoughts in your head are: is my money gone forever? How will I get it back?

A chance to fight back

There’s good news! You can fight back and get your money back. Claim Justice assists victims in these kinds of frauds. If you paid by a credit or debit card or made a direct bank deposit, you qualify for Claim Justice’s service. Our priority will be to get your money back to you.

How does it work?

There are a few things you need to prepare and consider before starting the process with Claim Justice. First, you need to find out if the broker you were working with really exists or if they’re a scam agent. Did they have a license? 

Second of all, proof of transaction needs to be provided. We cannot assist you if there was not a direct deposit. 

Proof that you have tried to work it out with the agent is very important. All contact records between you and the broker are necessary. Phone calls, messages, and emails.

What is the chance of getting my money back?

If you have provided all the requested documents and evidence, you have a good chance of getting your money back. 

The big secret about winning is that you need all the proof that it was all a scam. That the agent you worked with just disappeared with all your invested money, and that the communication between you was unsuccessful. If you can’t bring this kind of proof, there will be no promises of you getting the money back. There are many factors that will be taken into consideration. However, you will never know if you have a chance if you don’t try it.

The issue with carbon credit trading

The biggest problem with this kind of investment is that there’s no universal regulator. There’s no one to protect you, so you need to ensure that you’re not falling for carbon credit fraud. It’s your responsibility to do your research. 

It’s possible to recover your money. It all depends on if you have provided everything that Claim Justice requires. If yes, then you have a good chance of seeing your money again.

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