Diamond Investments Scams

With the cost of living going up every year and growing uncertainty over world events, many people are looking for investment opportunities that can provide more money for themselves and their families. One option that you may come across if you’re looking for investment opportunities is a diamond investment. While this may seem like a great idea, be aware that some of these opportunities are scams in disguise.

Whether you are considering a diamond investment, or have already fallen victim to a scam, read on for helpful information.

Fraudulent diamond investments

Investing in diamonds could be a great opportunity, or it could cause you to lose all of your money in a scam. Such a loss can, not only because of the financial ramifications but also the emotional impact that comes from having been fooled, and knowing that someone else got rich off of your misfortune.

Before you invest, do your research.

Diamond investment scams are becoming more popular

There’s a steady upward curve if you look at the statistics of online diamond investment fraud. It’s becoming more and more popular, which only attracts even more fraudsters to the market. When your job is getting money illegally, any hot new investment opportunity is fair game. Online diamond investing is just one of the many markets that scammers take advantage of.

France’s diamond investment blacklist

France created a Diamond Investment Blacklist in November 2016. It helps investors and potential investors stay informed about the latest scams. They also warn about the emails you get promoting diamond investments. They are most likely scams and you should delete the email. 

Fight it, use your rights

Are you one of the victims of an online diamond investment scam? We say, use your rights. Fight the scammers. However, make sure you know how to fight for your rights. Claim Justice are experts who can help you fight for justice.

Claim Justice is here to help

If you have fallen victim to an online diamond scam, you have most likely lost a huge amount of money. Claim Justice helps you get your money back. 

To qualify for the assistance of Claim Justice, you must have made a direct banking deposit or used a credit or debit card. You also need to provide proof of contact between you and the scammers. All emails and messages need to be shared, as well as a list of phone calls. We need to see that you have tried yourself to recover your money, with no luck. If you can provide all of that information, then we can fight the scammers for you. 

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