How Facebook Lottery Scams Work?

Facebook Lottery Scams

Recently many scammers have been spotted manipulating people with fake prize distribution. They call it Facebook Lottery because they target people on Facebook through its messenger service. Scammers have now selected this method of reaching out individually to targets because in this way they get more time. In other methods in which they engage the public openly, they become notorious very quickly because the news spreads like wildfire.

Let’s come towards how the scam works. You will receive a message most probably from an attractive female saying that your name is on the list of lucky winners of the Facebook Lottery. It is also possible that you may receive this message from some close friend. They sometimes hack the account while in some cases they had used cloned accounts.

After the first contact is established and you reply to the message, they would ask that you need to click the link sent to you in the next message. The link will take you to a new website that will look like a genuine Facebook page with an FB logo as well. They will also show you a list that will contain your name as a winner of the lucky draw. But as it is a scam, they will ask you to fill out a form and enter your credit card details as well.

After collecting your information they will ask you to deposit some money which is necessary to claim the prize (which will be in millions of course). Most of the people send this money because they believe that Facebook will not fool them but the reality is that Facebook is not involved in this whole process because there is no such thing as Facebook Lottery.

We strictly forbid our clients and readers to not transfer any money to this type of person. We have an experienced team of investigators here at Claim Justice who understand these scams very well. If you have already deposited money or crypto in scammers’ accounts then still it can be recovered if you take help from our experts. We are serving as a recovery platform for four years now and we are available 24/7 to help you.

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