Have a Look at This Forex Broker Blacklist

Forex Broker Blacklist

The prospect of earning money easily through online trading is very pleasing but it is not as straightforward as it looks. There are hundreds of forex scammers in the market as well who target every type of trader. Although no one can guarantee you 100 percent you should stay away from the brokers and intermediaries who have a vague background.

Another thing that we want you to know is that some scammers work with long-term planning. They don’t target every trader thus they remain undetected for many years. So if one of your friends is doing business with a broker safely, it doesn’t guarantee you that you will also stay safe.

By reading the above paragraphs, you may be feeling like whom you should trust then? The answer to your question is that you can trade with a broker only after consulting with a reputable firm like Claim-Justice. But there are some brokers with whom you should never work at any cost. We have prepared a list of those brokers who have the dirtiest track record. The blacklist is as follows.

  • NAS Brokers
  • Xtrade
  • STForex
  • FIXIMarkets
  • Umarkets
  • 24FX
  • Adamant Finance
  • AGM Markets
  • Atiora

These websites have been reported as looting traders by using different types of trading scams. The list includes some forex bucket shops and pyramid schemes launchers as well. Other than these, you must stay away from brokers who have no track record or positive reviews because they are usually fly-by-night brokers.

There are hundreds of scam brokers in the market and no blacklist can give you the names of all fraudulent brokers that is why you should visit our platform when you plan to register with any broker. We have gathered a team of professional traders who will guide you on how to avoid scams and trade profitably.

If you have already been deceived by any scammers then you can you should also contact us because we have a very good reputation as a funds recovery services provider and you will have the highest chances of recovering your investment.

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