Fortune Telling Scam

Have you ever consulted a fortune teller? Many people have, whether they were looking for help with serious concerns or just thought it would be fun. In the past, fortune tellers were often found at festivals and carnivals, or operating out of their own small shops. Perhaps you could talk to one by calling a special hotline. But in the 21st century, fortune tellers have gone online like everyone else. They have websites and Instagram profiles, and may even have loyal followers promoting them in comment threads. But how can you tell if you’re going to get a fun and insightful reading, or a fraud who will clean out your bank account?

Fortune telling fraud

Unfortunately, it’s likely that any fortune teller you consider consulting with online or in-person is a scam. The enduring popularity of fortune telling has made it a popular venue for scammers, and you could lose a lot of money if you go to the wrong person.

Fortune telling is outlawed in some countries

Fortune telling scams are so common that all professional fortune-telling is illegal in some countries. This has contributed to the growth of online fortune telling, as people in these countries turn to the internet to find people who they think will help them. Whether fortune telling is legal in your country, you can become a victim of this scam, especially if you consult an online psychic.

Before making an appointment, think about it. Why have so many countries made it illegal? What are the rules and regulations your country has for fortune-telling? What are you hoping to get from the experience and is there a safer way for you to get what you’re looking for?

How does the scam work?

There are two common ways that fortune teller scammers work. The first is to ask for your credit card information when setting up an appointment, either online or in-person. Rather than withdrawing the agreed-upon amount, they then proceed to run up many charges, committing card fraud.

The other common method of scamming is to continue to ask for more and more money. Your first consultation with the fortune teller will be free or involve a modest fee. During this visit, they’ll tell you something to convince you to come back. The next time, they ask for more money, and so on and so on. They have various ways of convincing you to continue coming back sometimes; they prey on a loss, telling you they have messages from departed loved ones. Other times, they will say you have a curse or other misfortune hanging over you and convince you that only they can help you. Whatever method they use, they will string you along for as long as they can, and take as much money as they can, before either you wise up, or they move on to a new scam and leave you hanging. Either way, you’re a lot poorer than you were when you first met them.

You can get help

Many people feel embarrassed about falling victim to a fortune telling scam, especially if they live in a country where fortune telling is illegal, or where it is considered silly and superstitious. They often choose not to contact anyone or report it.

If you are the victim of a fortune-telling scam, you don’t have to feel ashamed or hopeless. Help is available for people just like you.

The solution for you

It’s always important to report fraud to the police, and if you consult with an in-person fortune teller, the cops may shut the business down. However, when reporting to the police or dealing with a lawyer, the chance of getting your lost money is small, and it may take a long time if your case is not considered urgent. What you want is justice now, and to have your money back and your right of having your money back. The good news is you don’t have to wait for the law to help you. You can consult with Claim Justice.

Claim Justice

Claim Justice is a known company that works with victims of fraud, including fortune telling scams. Although, there are a few requirements to be able to get your money back. 

Proof of transaction is important and needs to be provided. If it was a direct bank deposit, credit, or debit card, you’re meeting the first requirement. If you paid in cash, or some other form such as gift cards, we cannot help you. You also need to provide proof of contact, a list of phone calls, messages, and emails. We also have to see that you tried to contact the fortune teller yourself to get your money back before contacting us.

If you meet these requirements, you are qualified to get help from Claim Justice. Don’t let phony fortune-tellers get away with stealing your money!

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