Funds Recovery Tips for Scam Victims

If you’ve fallen victim to any of the numerous online scams that are prevalent these days, you’re probably wondering if there’s any chance of getting your money back. The good news is that funds recovery is often possible, especially if you’ve paid the scammer via debit or credit card, or a bank transfer.

Steps to Take for Getting Your Money Back

Whether you’re looking to get your lost forex money back, or recover your funds from a real estate scam, or you simply fell victim to someone impersonating a loved one and asking for emergency funds, there are a few simple steps you should take.

First, collect all of the information you have about the scam. How did you communicate with the scammer? Do you have records of your communication? If you have saved emails, text messages, or chat logs, those are great evidence. If you spoke on the phone, you probably don’t have recordings of your conversations, but even a log of when they called you, from what number, and how long the conversation was, can be beneficial. Did the scam involve registering with a website (such as a scam brokerage), or making an online purchase? And of course, how did you pay and do you have records of the payment? Put all of this together so you can share it with the police, a lawyer, or scam recovery experts like Claim Justice.

Most people don’t realize this, but before you can enlist help for funds recovery from a scam, you have to ask the scammer to give your money back. Really! Tell them that you realize what they did to you and they need to refund you. They probably won’t, but you have to ask.

Scam victims are encouraged to report the crime to the police and/or any specific fraud task forces in your jurisdiction. That said, this step usually will not lead to getting your money back. It’s more about tracking crime and potentially building a case if there’s a large crime ring involved in perpetuating the scam. Consider this an act of civic responsibility rather than a part of the funds recovery process.

Is Funds Recovery Possible for Bitcoin Scams?

Claim Justice finds the most success with scams involving credit, debit, or bank transfer payments. The pseudonymous nature of bitcoin makes it difficult to recover scammed bitcoin, which is exactly why it’s become so popular with certain classes of scammer. That said, you can still attempt to ask the scammer to refund what they stole, and you can still contact us with the details of your case to see if we can help!

Don’t Give Up Hope

The most important step to recover from a scam is to not give up hope. It’s easy to feel despair when you’ve been scammed, especially if you lost a lot of money that you couldn’t afford to lose. But the scammers are counting on you allowing them to just get away with it. Don’t let them! Explore every option possible for getting your money back. Claim Justice has a number of techniques for getting scammers to give back your money, and we won’t stop until we’ve tried them all.

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