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Investing in land is considered one of the best ways to make a profit, and so it is what most peoples’ minds turn to when they’re looking to grow their wealth. Because it’s considered such a sure thing, they may not be as careful as they should be in researching an investment opportunity. This makes it easy to fall for a land bank investment scam and lose a large amount of money to fraud.

What is land bank investment?

When looking to invest in real estate, many people choose land bank investments, as they’re usually considered a good option. What is a land bank investment? It’s when you purchase all or part of a parcel of undeveloped land. In a legitimate land bank investment situation, the land is a good candidate for development and will be sold at a profit, making a tidy sum for the investors at the time of sale. But sometimes the land bank investment is just a scam, and the investors lose all of their money.

How does the scam work?

In order to avoid a land bank investment scam, you have to know how they work. The scammers have purchased very cheap plots of land with no actual value. This land may be unsuitable for development, perhaps in a remote location. The land never sells, and by the time investors realize that something is wrong, the scammer has already disappeared with their money.

Sometimes, a scammer may tell an even bigger lie, and they will attempt to get investors to buy land that they don’t even own. Famously, the con man George C. Parker would con victims into believing he was selling famous landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and Madison Square Gardens. Most scammers in the 21st century won’t make such outlandish claims, since they are far easier to disprove.

It’s an old scam

LANDBANK investment scams is an old scam that goes way back. The first reported land bank investment fraud was in the 1920s, in Florida, USA. Since then, thousands of people have fallen victim to such scams and have lost vast sums of money.

What can I do as a victim?

If you have fallen victim to a land bank investment scam, the first thing you should do is contact the police and file a report. Open a fraud case against the scammer. It is especially important to involve the authorities when you have lost a lot of money, especially in a scheme that likely had other victims. However, be aware that this kind of case can take years in court, and you are not guaranteed to win. You may end up losing not only your investment but also the time and money involved in the court case. On the other hand, if you win, you may have the satisfaction of seeing the scammers go to jail! Your second option is to contact Claim Justice. We have years of experience fighting all manner of scams, including land bank investment fraud, and we are experts at getting money back from scammers.

Claim Justice is here to help

If you don’t want to wait months or even years for the legal system to get your money back and make the scammers pay, Claim Justice can be your best option. We have a team that is dedicated to fighting for your rights and your money. We know all the ways to get money back from a fraud.

Can I use Claim Justice?

There are a few requirements to get assistance from Claim Justice. If you have used a credit or debit card or made a direct bank deposit, you meet one requirement. The second requirement is proof of you contacting the land bank investment firm to get your money back. All contact you had needs to be documented and handed over to Claim Justice. If you meet both these requirements, you are qualified to work with Claim Justice.

What is the chance of getting my money back?

If you meet the requirements and choose to get assistance from Claim Justice, you stand a good chance at getting your money back. We have helped many people who have lost their money to fraud, and we will be with you every step of the way.

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