Microsoft Support Scams – What Should You Know About these Scams?

Microsoft Support Scams

Microsoft support scams are the scams in which scammers present themselves as customer support representatives of Microsoft. Scammers obtain phone numbers from advertisement companies and call people to tell them that there is some problem in your windows or any other Microsoft-related app. Although not everyone believes them still many people get scammed and in terms of money the lost money is in billions.

If you are wondering how someone can believe that they are from Microsoft then let me tell you that the scammers are not old school people and they spoof the official numbers of Microsoft. They even succeed in showing the Microsoft logo as well on the victim’s screen. Once they make you believe that they are from Microsoft then they make ask to install software that will eradicate the problem by troubleshooting.

This is when the scam is being executed because this software then starts to act as a spy. This spy is intelligent enough to store all passwords and other personal information. Once you make any transaction online or pay for something online, your details are sent to the scammers who react quickly to transfer your money into their account.

Although the scammers have made up real-like stories still you can avoid these scams if you follow Claim Justice’s advice. Our experts contacted Microsoft and they told us that they never contact their clients themselves in any possible scenario. If everyone understands and memorizes this point then no one would get scammed by Microsoft support scammers.

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