How To Be Wary of Online Dating Scams

Online Dating Scams

If you have fallen prey to a dating scam, don’t shy away from it. If you don’t talk about fraud, then many others will also become their victims. Dating scams don’t have a long history as they started to get reported a few years back. When heartbroken people can’t deal with their situation by any other means, they direct their attention towards dating apps. These dating apps themselves are not scams mostly but they have billions of clients and there are certainly some scammers as well.

Scammers create fake profiles with pictures of less-known models to attract more and more people. These scammers are easy to point out as they try to become intimate very shortly. After they develop a regular contact, then they execute scams in many ways. Sometimes they blackmail through intimate photos and sometimes they emotionally blackmail by getting sympathy. But the most dangerous ones are those in which they call the target for a date on a remote location and rob them or kidnap them for ransoms. But in most cases, they become successful before the meet-up as they gain access to banking details. So if your right swipe asks you more questions than usual and especially the personal information then you need to give some time to that relationship because scammers don’t spend much time on one target.

We have been receiving hundreds of complaints regarding dating scams which has forced us to write this blog to create public awareness. Claim Justice has always made an effort to keep innocent people away from scammers’ reach by providing details about how certain scams are executed.

Claim Justice has a team of expert traders, investigators, and lawyers who observe every scam closely. They know how to tackle these scammers and recover money from them. If you have already been scammed in the name of love then don’t get afraid and talk to us so that we can help you. Reporting scams to recovery firms like Claim Justice is the only way to reduce the number of scams and help innocent youth.

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