Problem Withdrawing Money from Trading Account – Could It Be a Scam?

Can’t Withdraw Money From Your Account on a Trading Platform or Exchange?

To trade online, you have to open a trading account. Now, it is up to you which platform you decide to trade. You can either go for online exchanges where you can trade one currency for another or pick online brokers that provide you with a lot of different options for trading. When you open a trading account, it is no different than the account you open with a bank. The difference is that you have to use this account for trading. At times, you might not be able to withdraw money from your trading account. That’s where the question of how to withdraw money from trading account arises.

When you are having problem withdrawing money from trading account, it could be a sign of a scam. The best online brokers will always make your life easy when it comes to pulling money out of your account. If that’s the case with you, it is recommended that you seek the help of a company like Let’s talk more about that later. First, let’s discuss the signs that tell you that you might be about to be scammed.

The Telling Signs That You Are Being Scammed

·         You Can’t Withdraw Your Money

This is probably one of the first and strongest signs that tell you that you are being scammed. When you are having problem withdrawing money from trading account, you have to look at the issue that’s causing it. First, you should find out the right way of how to withdraw money from trading account. First, be sure that you are following all the steps correctly when withdrawing money from your account. You usually have to go into your account and press on the withdraw button to get your money. Now, it is important to know that you will also have to follow certain guidelines to withdraw money successfully.

For example, most online brokers would require you to use the same account to pull your funds out that you used for putting the funds in your account. In addition to that, some brokers need you to reach a certain point in your earnings before you can withdraw any money. Make sure you have looked into all those options before you declare that you are being scammed.

·         No One Is Answering Your Calls

This is when you know you are in a bad situation. The worst that can happen to any online trader is when they can’t get in touch with the company they signed up with for trading purposes. The issue here is that you have no one to listen to you. Even if they are faking it on the phone, you still have some hope that you are being listened to. However, when they stop answering your calls completely, you know that you are being scammed. This usually does not happen all of a sudden. Firstly, you will notice some money disappearing from your account.

You will file a complaint. After that, you will notice that they are not responding to your complaint. When you try to follow up, that’s when you figure out that they were not in the mood to give your money back in the first place.

·         You Are Being Asked to Deposit More Money

Believe it or not, some online scammers can be as ruthless as this. They will ask you for even more money just to help you take out the money that they already owe you. So, you have some money in your account. This money disappears all of sudden and you get to hear on the phone that there were some service charges or you entered a trade that caused you to lose your funds. You can’t ask for explanations because none are given. When you try to reach the core of the issue, they try to connect you to a department that is supposedly going to help you with your case.

When you talk to this department, you find out that you will have to deposit some more money to reach this imaginary threshold that will release the funds from your account. That’s when you know you are being scammed. You can’t give more money to get the money that is already yours. If that happens, you can be sure that you have been scammed.

Take Immediate Action

If you sense that there are some fraudsters playing with your money, you are highly recommended to get in touch with a company like as soon as possible. In such cases, it is very important at what time you contact the money recovery services such as Claim Justice. If you wait too long, you can completely lose the case. There is no potential in a case that is many years or months old. If you want people to pay attention to your case, you will have to get in touch with the fund recovery experts right after you have been scammed. Tell them the exact story how everything transpired.

Unless you tell them the exact story, you can’t expect to get any help. You have to know that there are many different types of scams online. Certain types are common and so the money recovery service can take action immediately. However, there are always some new scams in the market that the money recovery service specialists have to understand before they can help you with them. So, just be patient when you talk to them on the phone and ask for help. Always go for a company that provides you with first free consultation of your case.

Avoid the Money Scams in the First Place

Care is better than cure, and you have to make sure that you don’t fall into a trap in the first place. When it comes to trading online, you should sign up with only the companies that can provide you with some proof of their registration and regulation. If they are not regulated or registered, you should not sign up with them in the first place. You can always find this information on their website – that is if they are regulated and registered at all.

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