Share and Bond Scams

Share and bond investments are a very popular way of making some money. In order to actually make money, and avoid being scammed, it’s important to know how these investments work, and the common red flags for fraud.

What to look out for

How many times have you logged in to your email, checked your spam, and seen emails about shares and bonds? Scammers love to use email to find new victims, and your email provider’s spam-detection algorithm can tell that you’re up to no good.

In their emails, the scammers offer you the opportunity to invest in a new business, with the promise that later on, you can sell this share for a much higher price. This however is a lie. There either is no business, or the business was created simply to present a fake investment opportunity.

Their advertisements also lie to you by promising guaranteed large profits. However, no one can guarantee that their business will succeed: something could always go wrong! And even if it doesn’t succeed, they can’t know exactly how well it will succeed and thus how much the shares will increase in value.

False promises

With share and bond scams, you not only get promised a high return of profit if you sell your shares. They also promise that you will get a monthly payment directly to your account. This is where most victims fail, they trust the promises of scammers. A promise firm between them is a lie. If you want to avoid falling for share and bond investments, don’t agree to partner with an agent who is promising high returns.

How can I avoid the scammers?

To avoid scammers, you must do your research. Research the company in question, and the industry they are working in. Make sure you understand the risks inherent in owning shares in a company. It’s generally not considered a low-risk investment, because of the failure rate for new businesses. If the shares are being touted as no-risk and offering guaranteed profits, that is a red flag that they are looking for inexperienced investors who don’t know better.

I’m a victim, I need help

If you have already fallen victim to a share and bond scam, you may have lost a lot of money. You’re probably reading this article because you’re looking for hope that you can get your money back. There’s good news for you! Claim Justice specializes in getting money back from scammers, and we have experience with share and bond scams.

In order to successfully get your money back, you’ll need to provide the following information:

-Records for all transfers. If you paid with a method other than credit/debit or bank transfer, your money will not be able to be traced and recovered.

-All communications between you and the scammer. Emails, phone records, any physical documents.

-You must show that you have already asked the scammers to give back your money and been ignored or refused.

-Any additional information you can provide will only help your chances.

If you can provide all of this information, and if you’re willing to be patient with the process as Claim Justice fights the scammers for you, you have a strong chance of getting your money back. These cases take time, but we know every method of making bonds and share scammers pay, and we’ll use them all until we reclaim what is rightfully yours.

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