Tax Rebate Scams and Refund Scammers

Few people are familiar with tax refund scammers and how they operate, which makes it easier to fall victim to them. If you want to avoid this scam, read on to learn more about it. We also have information on what to do if you’ve already been scammed.

Why are tax rebate scammers so easy to fall for?

Tax rebate scams proliferate because almost everyone pays taxes, and everyone wants a refund. Even if you did your taxes and weren’t owed a refund, they’re so complicated and confusing that you could easily believe that you’d made a mistake and the government is correct about it. So of course if you get a call offering you a rebate that you were or were not expecting, of course, you agree to provide the necessary information to get the money you believe you are owed.

Phone and email

The most common communication methods for refund scammers are phone and email. However they contact you, it goes the same way: they say they have to refund some of your tax money. They say that your personal bank information is necessary. But rather than sending you a deposit, they clean out your account. By the time you realize you’ve been scammed, all of your money is gone.

The government will not ask for personal information

Real government tax agencies would never ask you for private information over the phone or email. If you keep this in mind, it will be easy to spot a tax rebate scam when it happens to you.

There’s help available for victims of tax refund scammers

If you fell victim to a tax rebate scam before reading this article, don’t despair. There is help available! There are people dedicated to fighting refund scammers and getting money back for innocent victims from all kinds of fraud.

What are my options?

You can and should always report this sort of case to the police. It is important for them to know that such fraud is being perpetrated in your area. However, if the refund scammers are not operating locally, there may be little the police can do other than raise awareness. They will not be able to get your money back.

Likewise, you can contact a lawyer and try to take the scammers to court, but if they are operating in another state or even another country, it may be difficult or even impossible to move forward with a case. Plus, this is a time-consuming and expensive option.

Another option is to take assistance from Claim Justice. We are the best solution for fighting back against scammers, because it’s all we do. We know every method for convincing scammers to pay back what they stole from you.

Claim Justice is here to help

Claim Justice is a company made up of professionals who fight for justice. We fight for victims that have fallen for a scam. Our team will assist you through the full process. The time it takes for the process all depends on the difficulty of the case. However, with us on your side, the chances of you winning the case and getting your money back are great.

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