Claim Justice was founded to protect you from scammers. We have a large team of professionals who are all fighting for the same reason: to protect innocent people from losing their savings. We have worked for this cause for many years and have a vast well of experience in reclaiming lost funds for scam victims. We work internationally and have helped traders worldwide.

I met a boyfriend online. We chatted for several months, and after a while decided to meet. The guy had already sent his things, but after a while, they called me from customs and said to pay immediately in order to release them for delivery. I paid, and only after that did I realize I had been deceived. With the help of Claim Justice, I got my money back.

Marie Leach, 34


I am a naïve person. I believe that there are many good people. However, I recently encountered a scam. I didn’t expect online scams on the internet to be that widespread. I lost my savings and didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, my friends advised me to contact Claim Justice, which was great advice. Today the company is successfully returning my funds. Some have already been returned.

George Houghton, 52


I went into forex with trust and hope and ended up not only losing all my family savings, but I also lost my family because of the struggle forex put me through. With your help, I not only got all my money back, but I also got hope for the future, and most importantly, my family back.

Isabella Andersson, 32


I, like many others, fell for the “become a millionaire in a month” scams. I felt devastated when I realized I would probably never see my money again. Thanks to you I got every cent back, as well as getting back at the scamming company!

Tom Wang, 42


I still can’t believe you did it, I got all my money back from the thieves! Thank you so very much. If anyone ever needs help with getting your money back from a scamming company, I really recommend claim-justice.com. They are professional on all levels and help you with all you need. 

Alex Daviv, 22


I was stupid enough to trust Neo Chain and put my house at risk. I lost everything and had to move back to my parents’ house together with my 3 kids. Thanks to Claim Justice. I got all my money back! We’re now in the middle of moving to a new house.

Maximilian Magnusson, 65


Our process for tracing lost funds

In order to get your money back, we need all of the relevant information and details to review the complaint. Of special importance is all correspondence with the merchant/broker company, as well as confirmation of when and how the transaction(s) happened. This information is key because we need all of the details in order to conduct our investigation and prove misconduct on behalf of the scamming broker or company. We respect your privacy, and all information you provide will be kept confidential; we will never share it with third parties except when necessary to proceed with the case. Using the information you provide and what our experts uncover in their investigation, we will confront the company behind the scam. Finally, we will reclaim your money in a quick and safe method.

Claim Justice services

The internet is a huge part of people’s lives. As important as it is, it also brings with it a host of challenges. While most websites offer valuable services and products, there are a number of sites that exist simply to scam innocent people. These sites can’t be allowed to get away with it, and that’s where we come in. We can get money back from dishonest vendors, brokers, and others who commit online fraud.

Help available those who need it

Our first consultation is always free. We also have a new program for people who can’t afford the process of getting their money back. If you would like to donate to help those of limited means pursue justice against scammers, we accept contributions from Visa and MasterCard.

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