Unregulated Investments Fraud

Almost everyone wants to invest in the future. Unfortunately, because the investment is so popular, it’s also a tempting target for scammers. Dishonest agents will take the money you intend to invest and disappear with it.

It’s important to be careful when investing. If you don’t do your research and exercise caution, you could easily get taken advantage of and lose your hard-earned money and your dreams for the future.

Unregulated investments

What does unregulated investment mean? It means that no one is checking the investment for irregularities. It means there are no protections for you. It means that the investors can scam you, without you realizing you got scammed. There are good reasons that you should choose a regulated investment instead of an unregulated. Yes, you will pay more taxes on your investments. But you will not get scammed and lose all your money. 

An old scam

Unregulated investments are not a new kind of scam. They’ve been going on for years, since long before the invention of the internet. 

The internet has made it easier for scammers to expand their reach, but it also has made it easier for potential victims to protect themselves. You can easily do research to discover if the investment opportunity you’re offering seems legit, or if it offers too many red flags.

I’m a victim of an unregulated investments scam

If you have already fallen victim to this fraud and lost your money, don’t panic. Help is available! Unfortunately, many people never seek out assistance because they are ashamed that they fell for such a common and time-worn scam. Don’t feel ashamed and don’t give up. Take action, fight for your rights, and make the scammers pay.

What will the police do?

Any investment fraud needs to be reported to the police. It’s a criminal offense, and there should be an open case. This however does not guarantee that you will get your money back. The job of the police is to catch the people behind the scam, not to make sure victims are repaid. Eventually, the courts might order repayment, but by then the money may be long gone.

Is it possible for me to get the money back?

Luckily for you, the police aren’t your only option. While they’re building their case against the scammers and hopefully setting them on the path to jail, Claim Justice can get your money back. We have years of experience helping the victims of unregulated investment scams and other internet fraud.

Claim Justice will take it from here

It’s easy to get help from Claim Justice. You just need to provide us with some important information about your account.

First, we’ll need payment information. If you use a credit or debit card, or direct bank deposit, we can trace your money and help you get it back.

Next we’ll need records of all contact between you and the scammer. Email, phone records, any websites related to the investment, chat logs, the more information you can provide, the more we have to work with.

Finally, you’ll have to show that you have already asked the scammer to return your money to no avail. This is a necessary step before we’re allowed to take over.

When you have provided everything requested, we will start to fight for you and your case. 

Some people think claiming back money from an investment scam is impossible, however, Claim Justice will show you it is very possible. 

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