Here Is What You Should Need To Know About Whatsapp Scams

Whatsapp Scams

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging services with over 2 billion active users. It is not even slightly difficult for scammers to contact you on Whatsapp because a message can be sent to anyone as there is no requirement to befriend or follow anyone.

The scammers, in most of the reported incidents, had contacted the victims posing as a family members. Furthermore, they try to use commonly used address words such as mum, dad, and dear. Modern scammers extract all information regarding the target and his close circle before making the first contact. Fetching information is not a problem nowadays as all the information is readily available on social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook.

After the contact is established they ask to send them money by giving a reason which parents don’t usually deny. Once the transaction is made, they don’t take any time to block you and you never get a chance to say anything to them anything.

The other type of Whatsapp scam that is spreading rapidly is by sending you a mysterious link. This link is never sent alone because people don’t open links from unknown numbers that is why they send a message with the link as well. The message lures people to open the link to win precious prizes. The links are so malicious that the scammers can extract all your personal information if you click the link.

Claim Justice has been receiving a lot of Whatsapp-related complaints and our analysts study scams statistically. We have found a great resemblance between email scams and Whatsapp scams and the only big difference is the fact that Whatsapp scams are more successful for scammers. In email scams, the scammers are only able to get a response from 3 to 4 percent targets but the number is much higher in Whatsapp cases.

Being a recovery firm, Claim Justice tries its best to reduce the number of scams and help those people who somehow get themselves trapped in the spider web.  If you ever find yourself in such a situation then do contact us so that we get you your money back.

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