You Have Won A Lottery Scam – All You Need To Know

You Have Won A Lottery Scam

The unexpected news of winning a lottery excites every man in the street. If you receive a message stating that you have won a lottery for which you didn’t even register, don’t go for it. They can contact you through multiple channels but you need to stay out of reach and don’t even respond to such fraudsters.

They do their homework before contacting you and know a lot of things about you. So they lure the target by offering his/her favorite thing like a mobile, car or sports bike, etc. Their method may change and the offered prize may also change but the thing which will not change is their demand for money. The scammers will ask you to deposit some money in their account to access your prize. Beware because this is the difference between a real lottery and a fake one because real ones never ask for any kind of fee.

Some scammers target the victim from a dual-angle by asking for money as well as personal information. If you give them your personal information but refuse to pay any money then still you may end up losing money because they will try to hack into your accounts. In a recent wave of scams, the victims are usually being trapped on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Claim Justice is a funds recovery platform that helps traders and common people in recovering their funds from scammers. We point out scams and help our clients and readers in every possible way. Hundreds of people contact us daily to seek advice when they are contacted by scammers and those who contact us in time save their money.

We advise our respected readers that you cannot win a lottery if you have not applied for it so don’t believe these scammers and don’t let greed overcome your senses. Secondly, if they ask you to send them money to get your prize then the only thing you need to do is to report him to Claim Justice. If you have already made the mistake of sending them money then don’t shy now because it will not make the situation any better but contacting us can make the situation well because our team of experts can help you in getting your funds back.

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