About us

Claim justice is a start-up business with 5 years of experience in the field of marketing and media B2B and B2C. The company recently received investment after a feasibility study in the field of analytics services. If you would like to know more about the company, please be sure that you put the name of BLUESPIRIT TECH HOLDINGS LIMITED on the relevant website. As, Claim Justice it is only the brand name, as at the same time the registered name is BLUESPIRIT TECH HOLDINGS LIMITED.

In the spotlight of technological development and online commerce, the company sees itself as a real force with a strong desire to protect consumers and businesses from fraud.

The company has developed systems for business information that includes fraud prevention in e-commerce, a transparency report on system activities, and money laundering. A detailed BI information report on the reliability of background check activities and the risks involved in business relationships with individual companies or various suppliers.

The company has found it suitable to help and provide warning signs for online activities, investment companies, and financial entities.
The company has technological tools and has experience in multi-channel processes that integrate: Deep web-analytics / Big data; Cyber Power AI technologies.

This approach has been established in identifying trusted information. The value we provide is the knowledge, which is based on preparatory research, network analysis, and identification of illegal activities. This information system will lead to the most appropriate solutions and the legitimate exercise of rights.

Our story

Our goal is to get justice for everyone that has fallen victim to online fraud. We were founded for the purpose of protecting customers around the world from scammers. There are millions of victims already, and the number is going up every day. Every member of our team has experience in this field and will provide expert, compassionate help for you and your specific case. We don’t just fight for the purpose of getting the money back, we fight for a future where no one will fall victim to such scams anymore If needed, we will take the company to court, and you will of course not suffer the expense. 

How did Claim Justice start?

Shortly after the 2008 financial crisis in the US, people started losing their trust in traditional ways of investing money, and in all the banks they thought were safe. It became more common to search for alternative investments and, and this created an opportunity for fraudsters to find a new class of victims. After years of experience fighting these fraudsters, we have found many loopholes and methods that make it possible for us to get justice for the people that have fallen victim to online scams. 

Who are we?

We have a large international team that is made up of people who have all worked in the financial industry. But not only the Claim Justice`s team of professionals will work on your case as well as the team from MoneyPay. It is a company that works in a partnership with Claim Justice. It means that working simultaneously we will make possibilities for successful outcomes higher. Please, be sure that all the clients that will fill in the form on the website will deal with Claim Justice only. We all know and have an understanding of how a bad broker can be. We know how the company should behave and what ethics they should have. We work in a quick and active way and are experts in tracking scammers down. While we do our research, we find loopholes to give our customers back their money. We know what a good investment looks like, and what is a fraud. We want fair and honest trading. We are dedicated to all our customers and will provide the best service for everyone who comes to us for help.

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