Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, Policy is important to maintain your confidentiality regarding any information that we may receive about you on our website and other websites with which we interact.

Claim Justice only requests personal information when it is actually needed. The company may request your data to provide you with better services. All data we collect is provided to us legally, with your consent.

All information we need is collected in a fair and lawful way, and only with your consent. When requesting information, we also note why we need it and what it will be used for. The collected information is stored for as long as necessary. We protect all data stored in our database by commercial means to prevent the loss.

All information about you and your data is stored only in Claim Justice and is not shared publicly with third parties unless required by law. The website may contain links to external sites. However, we have no control over their content and activities, so we are not responsible for their Privacy Policy.

You can also refuse to provide your data to us if you do not have sufficient protection or the services you want. If you continue to use our website, then you agree to our privacy policy. If you have any questions about the storage of personal data, please write to us.

Cookies Policy

This website uses cookies to improve your experience when you navigate the website. These files do not collect your personal data, they are stored in your browser and allow you to determine your behavior as a user. This helps you determine what services the company can provide you. Claim Justice also uses cookies to analyze how the website is used. Since you can choose not to accept these files, they will not track your behavior as a user. However, refusing cookies may also affect your browsing experience and history.

Why use cookies

As we already mentioned, Claim Justice uses cookies to collect information. These files are placed on your computer and other devices while you browse the Internet. They allow your device to “remember” the site when you decide to enter it. Cookies help the company to provide the necessary services to each of its users.

What information is collected

Cookies usually collect information about your website page views. They collect data about the pages viewed and the pages on which you spent more time. All files that are collected by cookies are anonymous and do not contain information such as your name, address, or phone number, but may contain our unique customer reference number.

How Claim Justice manages cookies?

Cookies that are stored on your computer are generated when you visit the site and are created:

  • third parties who take part with us in marketing programs; and
  • third parties that analyze traffic to our website.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used:

  • For the efficient operation of our website, especially regarding settings and site navigation.
  • For marketing purposes, especially when you need to create ads in web banners or for social networks.
  • For website analytics, in particular for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

By using this website, you agree to the processing of data, which are detailed in the Privacy Policy.

If you refuse cookies, data about your behavior on the site will not be taken into account.

Disabling and removing cookies

Some web browsers provide the option to set an automatic cookie blocker. You can often find instructions for blocking files in the browser’s “Help” menu. That is, you can delete files through your browser. However, unless you disable them, they will be reapplied every time you visit the website.

Below, we showed how you can disable cookies in Google Chrome and Safari.

For Google Chrome:
Select “Settings” and click “Advanced.”
In the Privacy & Security section, click Content Settings.
Click on “Cookies.”

For Safari:
Go to Settings> Privacy.
Click on “Block all cookies.”

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