Our services

We offer a variety of services, including reclaiming funds from unregulated brokers, and taking action against other forms of fraudulent online activity. Our expert team provides full guidance throughout the entire process.

  • We keep you informed through the full process.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Help and guidelines on how to protect yourself from online fraud.

How to avoid online shopping fraud?

According to an annual survey from Comscore people are making more online purchases than buying in stores. This creates more opportunities for online fraud.

How can you protect yourself from eCommerce scams?

  • Only shop with familiar, trusted companies, or those recommended by someone you trust who has shopped with them.
  • Look for customer reviews online.
  • Make sure that the site you’re on is protected by SSL.
  • NEVER input your card details somewhere that doesn’t PCI/DSS.

The workflow

When we receive a complaint, we will review all the details to confirm that it’s possible to reclaim your funds. If we agree that the complaint is valid and that you have provided all the information we need, and you accept our terms and agreements, we will get to work. We will match you with one of our experts who will go through the entire process with you and together with you decide the best way to go forward to reclaim what is yours.

What you need to provide

In order for us to have the best chances to reclaim your money, it is important that you provide all the following information.

  • A receipt or confirmation that the transaction happened.
  • The website where the online fraud occurred.
  • All correspondence/communication with the merchant.

Any additional details or information you can supply us will help in the process of retrieving your funds.

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