List Of Scam Forex Brokers – Do Not Get Into the Trap Of These Brokers

List Of Scam Forex Brokers

Since the very inception of online trading, scammers have been creating difficulties for traders. Like other trading markets, the Forex market also suffers through the hands of these scammers. They create fake but attractive websites to trap traders and disappear quickly after looting their money. Sometimes they even duplicate whole trading platforms, and even professional traders can’t differentiate between a genuine and fake platform. And sometimes they create Pyramid schemes, and traders unknowing drag their friends as well in this fraud. 

So the point that I want to convey here is that scammers have various methods to loot money, and it is very difficult to find if a broker is legit or not. But you don’t need to worry because I have prepared a list of fake Forex brokers recently reported by recovery platforms. This list will help you to avoid the most dangerous platforms, and it will become easier for you to find a good broker. The list includes

  1. 24option
  2. 770capital
  3. Adamant Finance
  4. AGM Markets
  5. Atiora
  6. Axes
  7. Boston Merchant Financial
  8. ForexCent
  9. FortFs
  10. Global Markets Group
  11. NetoTrade
  12. NWFB
  13. Tradaxa
  14. TurboForex
  15. VerumFX
  16. Xtrade Europe
  17. Yardoption

The list includes blacklisted brokers, but these are not all of them, so you need to follow the below-given tips to avoid fake brokers.

  • Don’t get excited by hearing the promise of unrealistic profits.
  • Check if the broker is regulated or unregulated.
  • Don’t provide credit card information before confirmation.
  • Use trusted software only, such as Quik, Libertex, and MT4-5.

You can expect everything from life, and despite taking precautions, you might end up getting scammed. If by extreme infortune this happens, you need to contact Claim Justice as soon as possible. Claim Justice is a funds recovery company that has been in this market for the last five years and knows how to deal with scammers. Our firm is recommended by most professional traders, and you can even contact us for consultation before registering with a broker.

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