One Bitcoin A Day Scam – A Trading Robot You Should Not Trust

One Bitcoin A Day Scam

One Bitcoin A Day is an automatic trading robot that can be used on mobile and computers. It is aimed at making the trading process easier for its users. According to claims by the robot designer, with the investment of only 250 dollars, users can earn 1 Bitcoin daily. This is a very fascinating claim but at the same time, unrealistic too. But it doesn’t matter whether it is realistic or not when you don’t intend to provide what you claim. Yes, it is true; One Bitcoin A Day is a scam robot.

Many victims have reported so far that they trusted this robot with their money and in return, they only received false promises. A scam broker or robot has three distinctive attributes. It makes fancy claims, asks for more funds, and doesn’t respond after the client deposits funds. Unluckily, One Bitcoin A Day does the same hence there is no doubt about its fakeness. Many other points of this software are also dubious and manipulative which raise suspicion but beginner-level traders sometimes fall into their trap.

This is a method scam which means that they follow a real-like protocol that makes traders believe that it is well-sorted, organized, and legit software but it is only a deception. The scam has been recently reported to us at Claim Justice and we helped the victims in retrieving their money from the scammers. It is still active hence we have started creating awareness among people through our blogs so that no more people become victims.

Claim Justice is a funds recovery platform providing its services for more than 4 years now. We have led the market in these years in helping and relieving our clients who are mostly scam victims. If you have also faced the same situation, whether, at the hands of a One Bitcoin A Day scam or another, you can contact us freely and discuss your problem with our experts. We provide a free consultation so it wouldn’t cost you anything and you have more than a 90 percent chance of recovering your funds with our help.

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