What Are Romance Scams? – A Brief Overview

Romance Scams

A romance scam is a fake relationship established over any social media site for manipulation. People often become entangled in this type of scam because they don’t know the person on the other side of the screen is a cyber-criminal. They use fake identities and profiles to execute this scam and try to get money or personal information such as credit card details. Of course, this information is also used to steal from you because their love for you is because of your money.

Romance scammers target people of different ages and mostly they target females as per Claim Justice’s records of the past four years show. Scammers have different types of techniques to obtain money. Some of them make up tragic stories to gain sympathy and then request some money such as for treatment or a plane ticket. Some of them are romantic with the victim and during an intimate chat, ask for nude or semi-nude pictures which are later used for blackmailing.

Not just social media but scammers use dating sites as well to find new targets. After selecting and trapping innocent people from dating apps, they again bring them to social media such as Whatsapp or messenger to execute their scam.

How You Can Detect A Scammer

Claim Justice is an experienced recovery firm and our experts suggest the following points to detect Scammers.

First of all, the scammers are nothing but a lie, so if you find that he/she has lied to you about something then you should part ways with them instantly. Secondly, they will tell you that they are from some far country because they never meet the targets in person as they are using a fake identity. Thirdly, they move very fast in the relationship because they want to do their job quickly.

Although we keep updating our readers through blogs about all the recent scams but still some of them get trapped. If unluckily you find yourself in deep waters then you need not worry as we are always there to help our clients because Claim Justice has always been the mouthpiece of the downtrodden.

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