What Are Tech Support Scams?

Tech Support Scams

Our dependence on the internet has increased significantly during the covid-19. This is mainly because our activities have shifted from physical to online platforms. This created an ideal opportunity for scammers because the number of their targets increased and a majority of them were not aware of scams so it means that they were soft targets.

Scammers are playing psychologically with people and create a false sense of concern in our minds. People become fearful very quickly when they hear something about viruses. In tech support scams scammers call men in the street and say that your security is compromised due to a virus in your computer and it needs to be scanned immediately. People consider the scammers as their well-wishers and ask them how can they get rid of the virus. The scammers then make them install certain software in their computers which is a virus itself. This software records every activity and sends the information to the scammers who use this information to empty the bank accounts.

Claim Justice always suggests its reader remain extra cautious when someone tries to obtain your information. It is also possible that the scammers reach you by using other communication methods such as an email or text message. Sometimes they target people who visit their website by showing pop-up messages which make you click on them by showing 18+ images.

These scammers use advanced technology and they sometimes call from official numbers of tech companies. You should always remember that tech companies never call their customers to get information. Secondly, Claim Justice suggests that avoid clicking on random links sent by unknown numbers as well as pop-ups displayed at malicious websites. We also stress the activation of good anti-virus software.

Precautions lower the chances of being scammed but no one is 100 percent secure from these scammers. If you feel that have been targeted by scammers then you should contact us so that our specialists help you and minimize the loss. In most of the cases reported to us, our team retrieves all the money illegally held by scammers. You can use the contact details provided on our website to reach us.

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