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Investment Scams

How to Identify Investment Fraudsters

Investment Fraudsters Scammers are becoming more clever and efficient in their attempts to defraud you of your funds. Even while some investment fraudsters appear to be legitimate, there are several warning signs you should look for to assist you in avoiding them. Scamming has become more widespread in recent years. You can attempt to prevent […]

How To Spot An Investment Scam?

So much awareness has been raised to help people become aware of the threat that scams pose in this market. Yet, it seems futile when the percentage of scams keeps on increasing rather than decreasing. Due to the need for everyone to become financially stable, the situation has become worse. Although platforms continue to try […]

How to Get Money Back from Binary Options after Being Scammed

Binary Options Scam The financial markets are filled to the brim with products and opportunities that can be used for making money. You can find some excellent investment vehicles that can provide a high return on investment (ROI) and help you achieve your financial goals. However, it is vital for people to remember that there […]

SWIFT Funds Recovery – Getting Your Money Back From Scammers

SWIFT Funds Recovery When people lose money to a scam, they hurriedly start looking for solutions. However, the first thing you want to do after being a victim to a financial scam is to be calm. If you panic, you will not be able to make the right decisions. One of the ways people are […]

Wealth Recovery Services – How Can they Help?

Wealth Recovery Technological progress and the widespread use of the internet has brought about numerous changes in our daily lives, one of which is the shift towards online trading. Millions of people all over the globe are taking advantage of the online trading opportunities to make profits because it provides them with increased access and […]

How To Report a Bitcoin Scammer – Take the Necessary Action Today

Report a Bitcoin Scammer You have so many different ways available today to make money. You can start your own business on the internet, run a blog and sell your books, or you could simply trade from the comfort of your home. Trading has become one of the most common ways for people to make […]

Problem Withdrawing Money from Trading Account – Could It Be a Scam?

Can’t Withdraw Money From Your Account on a Trading Platform or Exchange? To trade online, you have to open a trading account. Now, it is up to you which platform you decide to trade. You can either go for online exchanges where you can trade one currency for another or pick online brokers that provide […]

CFD Trading Scams – How You Ended up in One and How You Can Get Your Money Back

CFD Trading Scams The online world is quite fast and it is only getting faster with the passage of time. You now have millions of people from all over the world who are actively trading on a variety of online trading platforms. You might have encountered a few online trading ads yourself. Online trading provides […]

Beware Cryptocurrency Scams in the Wake of BTC’s Rise

Renewed interest in crypto markets is sure to inspire cryptocurrency scams to seek new victims who want to try their hand at trading bitcoin and other digital assets.

What Forex Scam Artists Don’t Want You to Know

How much do you know about the foreign exchange market? Chances are, not much. Most of us only think about the value of other countries’ currency when we’re planning a vacation or making a purchase from a foreign ecommerce site. Forex scam artists take advantage of this understandable ignorance in order to sell you an […]

What Do Crypto, Forex, and CFD Fraud Have in Common?

What do crypto, forex, and CFD fraud all have in common? We lay out the common warning signs of a trading scam in this article.

How to Spot a Forex Scam on Social Media

Forex “influencers” love to promote their lifestyle on Instagram and YouTube, showing off their wealth and convincing you that you can have it all, too.

How to Avoid a Bitcoin-Era Scam

The invention of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has created a new landscape for scammers to invade.

Is it Possible to Recover Scammed Bitcoin?

Have you been targeted by a bitcoin extortion scam? This form of scam has been common in the past couple of years.

Have You Been Scammed via Bank Transfer?

Bank transfer scams are one of the most common forms of scam, and they actually predate the internet. They come in many permutations, which allows them to more easily snag victims.

Unregulated Investments Fraud

Almost everyone wants to invest in the future. Unfortunately, because an investment is so popular, it’s also a tempting target for scammers. Dishonest agents will take the money you intend to invest and disappear with it.

Money Back From Real Estate Scams

Real estate scams quietly claim victims in our community, possibly every day. These scams take a variety of forms, and they can unfortunately trick you easily if you don’t do your research and exercise caution before investing.

LANDBANK Investment

Investing in land is considered one of the best ways to make a profit, and so it is what most peoples’ minds turn to when they’re looking to grow their wealth. Because it’s considered such a sure thing, they may not be as careful as they should be in researching an investment opportunity.

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