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Online Scams

Did You Lose All Of Your Money In Trading? Here is what you should do

Losing money is something that almost every trader faces. When you ask experienced traders, they will never tell you that losing is not something they have never experienced in their lives. But there is a way to lose the money fairly. If you lose it in your trades, it is not bad because it will […]

How To Report Someone For Scamming?

People have gotten so confused about the process to report scammers, and it has worsened as the number of scams has increased in the market. But it would be best if you did not give up. It is very important to report scammers, so they do not continue to scam others. You should also choose […]

Stock Scams And Their Types

Many traders are willing to invest their money in the stock market. It is because this market is one of the oldest markets in the history of trading. The stock market includes the trading of different shares of companies that are listed on the market. The traders invest their capital in it and earn revenue. […]

Is Forex Legit?

Forex trading is a market where traders invest their money to buy currencies of different countries. For example, USD, EUR, GBP, etc., the price of these currencies fluctuate, which helps traders earn profits out of it. If you are looking to make profits in this market, you should be aware of the dips in the […]

How To Spot An Investment Scam?

So much awareness has been raised to help people become aware of the threat that scams pose in this market. Yet, it seems futile when the percentage of scams keeps on increasing rather than decreasing. Due to the need for everyone to become financially stable, the situation has become worse. Although platforms continue to try […]

Stock Broker Fraud – How to Spot The Scam

Types of stock broker frauds Millions of traders have been trading stocks and investing their money in this market for years. Even before the introduction of online trading, traders used to invest in it. This is why it is one of the most popular and vast trading instruments. In stock trading, investors invest their capital […]

Options Trading Scam – A Brief Guide

With the increasing popularity of online trading, the number of scams has increased as well. Many young traders who have recently joined this journey of earning profits simply by sitting at your home face scammers on the way. These scammers are hard to distinguish because they are camouflaged in between authentic and legitimate platforms. But […]

Mirror Trading Scam Platforms – What You Need to Know

Mirror Trading Scam Trading has always been a very profitable activity for people and we have heard numerous stories of people who made their fortunes by trading in the financial markets. There was a time when trading was not that accessible, but this all changed in the 21st century with the advent of the internet […]

Problem Withdrawing Money from Trading Account – Could It Be a Scam?

Can’t Withdraw Money From Your Account on a Trading Platform or Exchange? To trade online, you have to open a trading account. Now, it is up to you which platform you decide to trade. You can either go for online exchanges where you can trade one currency for another or pick online brokers that provide […]

Scam Adviser Help – Getting Expert Help From a Scam Adviser Service

Scam Adviser Scam Adviser, that’s a term that a lot of people are searching on search engines these days. This shows that a lot of people are being scammed these days by online scammers. In the modern age, all the scams revolve around money or information. They either want the money you have, which is […]

Funds Recovery Specialists – How to Choose One

Funds Recovery Specialists The online world can be just as shocking as it is pleasing for people. You can entertain yourself for endless hours because of all the content available online. You can make money by trading through a trading platform. However, you can also end up being scammed by a scammer. The world is […]

CFD Trading Scams – How You Ended up in One and How You Can Get Your Money Back

CFD Trading Scams The online world is quite fast and it is only getting faster with the passage of time. You now have millions of people from all over the world who are actively trading on a variety of online trading platforms. You might have encountered a few online trading ads yourself. Online trading provides […]

Online Fraud Variants Can Be Surprisingly Specific

You might be surprised to learn that there are many forms of online fraud which target specific communities and professions with tailor-made messages designed to trick them out of their money.

Beware Cryptocurrency Scams in the Wake of BTC’s Rise

Renewed interest in crypto markets is sure to inspire cryptocurrency scams to seek new victims who want to try their hand at trading bitcoin and other digital assets.

What Forex Scam Artists Don’t Want You to Know

How much do you know about the foreign exchange market? Chances are, not much. Most of us only think about the value of other countries’ currency when we’re planning a vacation or making a purchase from a foreign ecommerce site. Forex scam artists take advantage of this understandable ignorance in order to sell you an […]

How to Get a Refund from a Scam Website in 2021

Fraudulent sites take a number of forms: ecommerce, dating, forex brokerages, and more. Whatever face they wear, they all exist to take your money and give you nothing in return.

Online Scam Targets Would -Be Pet Adopters

While one might expect to pay a few hundred or a thousand dollars for a pet, depending on the breed and pedigree, scammers can find ways to get even more money out of would-be adopters.

What Do Crypto, Forex, and CFD Fraud Have in Common?

What do crypto, forex, and CFD fraud all have in common? We lay out the common warning signs of a trading scam in this article.

How to Spot a Forex Scam on Social Media

Forex “influencers” love to promote their lifestyle on Instagram and YouTube, showing off their wealth and convincing you that you can have it all, too.

How to Avoid a Bitcoin-Era Scam

The invention of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has created a new landscape for scammers to invade.

How to Get Money Back After Being Scammed Online

No one ever expects to become the victim of an online scam, but unfortunately it happens to a lot of people.

Is it Possible to Recover Scammed Bitcoin?

Have you been targeted by a bitcoin extortion scam? This form of scam has been common in the past couple of years.

Have You Been Scammed via Bank Transfer?

Bank transfer scams are one of the most common forms of scam, and they actually predate the internet. They come in many permutations, which allows them to more easily snag victims.

Unregulated Investments Fraud

Almost everyone wants to invest in the future. Unfortunately, because an investment is so popular, it’s also a tempting target for scammers. Dishonest agents will take the money you intend to invest and disappear with it.

Travel Prize Scam

Everyone loves to win a prize! Especially something impressive, like an all-expenses-paid holiday, complete with spending money to enjoy while you’re there. If you receive an email telling you you’ve won such a prize, it seems like a dream come true.

Pyramid and Ponzi Scams

One of the most well-known scams, which pretty much everyone has heard of, is the pyramid scheme, or Ponzi scheme. Although they are well known and easy to spot people still regularly fall victim to them and lose huge amounts of money.

Advanced Fee Inheritance Fraud

The majority of the world population has an email address, which means the majority of the world population has also received a scam email saying that they have inherited a huge amount of money from a foreign country.

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